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Rapid Development and Configuration

All of our products are easily tailored to the unique aspects and organizational dynamics of your practice with limited or no technical assistance.


Everything is built using dynamic, configurable workflows that mimic business processes.


We offer powerful business intelligence and reporting capability that drives workload, enhances project tracking, and sharpens financial discipline.

Store Information In A Centralized Data Repository

Case notes, tasks, deadlines, and contact info are stored in one central repository that’s safe, secure, and searchable.

Deploy Robust Reporting and Analytics

Ad-hoc reporting and configurable dashboards help you make sense of the metrics and data gathered.

Set Up Notifications, Subscriptions & Workflows

Configurable, modular workflows help match compliance and business processes

Move Quickly with Low-Code Configuration

Improve workflow with a leading application development platform and data warehouse configured to business requirements.

Integrate Across Systems with Robust API

This RESTful API allows you to achieve seamless integration across multiple systems and third-party reporting tools.

Manage Application Submission, Review, and Award

Create public funding web portals that guide grant applicants through a structured data entry process to produce and submit a complete grant application. Route grants through review processes using custom, metric-based scoring and workflows.

Track Funds, Disbursements & Obligations

Manage grant budgets and changes, process grant disbursement requests, and track agency activity. Organize assets from multiple funding sources and map account codes to individual grants.


Monitor all activity throughout the lifecycle of the grant to assist with reconciliation, close-out and filing documents.

Create Time Cards with Location Embedded Tracking

Manage approvals, assignments, priorities, and scheduling prior to execution and assignment. Approvals can be based on accuracy, completion, budget, or safety concerns.

Review and Approve Timesheets Online

View a real-time feed of employee tasks and timelines, all within a simple, user-friendly interface. Employees can also see their own clocked hours as well, ensuring all work is transparently tracked and accounted for.

Track Jobs, Tasks, Projects, and Clients

With our job classifications feature, you can accurately and precisely track which tasks employees are working on. Employers can generate reports to analyze job, project, and client costs at-a-glance.

Assign Roles and Manage Permissions

Fine-grained permission settings allow you to specify which actions and visibility levels your employees can access through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Categorize Workflow & Set Priorities

Quickly and easily create time cards for your projects, increasing tracking granularity and accountability. Get a clear picture of where your resources are deployed, identify wasteful practices, and monitor employee work efficiency.

Schedule Maintenance Using Variable Triggers

Combine multiple scheduled work orders into a single request with nested PMs. Indicate if there are extra tasks that require performance at specific regular intervals.

Manage Budgets, Waste, and Efficiency

Monitor labor and inventory costs within the work order management system, creating a streamlined database with real-time metrics. This advanced budgeting system is designed to be easily adaptable for issues such as overtime and budget reallocation.

Real-time Workload Analysis

Get a comprehensive view of your team’s workload, drag and drop tasks into their schedules, and assign individuals or user groups to an asset or task. Team members can receive instant email or mobile notifications each time a new task is assigned.

Create & Deploy Surveys, Quizzes and Applications

Use branded, online portals to easily collect applications, coordinate reviews, and capture the feedback needed to make decisions and drive your program forward. With this system, employers and managers have the are able to create processes for employees are polished, painless, and valuable to the organization.

Collect Feedback & Insights

Gather real-time feedback from employees, partners and colleagues with easy sharing and information collection. Glean valuable insights from aggregated data that can be used to enhance your business or accelerate your next initiative.

Analyze & Export Results

Quickly and easily export your data into digestible, shareable formats. Integrate your data with a variety of useful third-party applications for convenience and compatibility.

Administer Grants

Manage the entire grant process from project launch to closeout. This system is designed specifically for disaster-related funding sources such as FEMA PA/IA, HMGP, and CDBG.

Manage Applicants or Sub-applicants

Keep all applicant and sub-applicant data and contacts organized in a single repository. Manage the entire grant application process at any stage with any level of applicant status.

Track Project Formulation

Monitor deadlines, compile quarterly reports, and close projects with ease. All project information can be stored within the system, allowing for quick web-based access to damage inventories, damage assessments and project worksheet formulation.

Manage Reimbursement Requests

Set up automatic payments when projects are obligated or funds are requested. Any and all transactions can be easily compiled, and payments can be prepared for routing and processing.

Manage Resources

Assign resources (human, equipment, money, etc.) to tasks and estimate individual workload of each project participant. Balance and manage all available resources with easily accessible resource diagrams.

Calculate Critical Paths

Estimate and display a sequence of critical, time-sensitive tasks that can't be delayed. Provide support for baselines, deadlines ,and other custom elements.

Group, Set Milestones & Auto-schedule Tasks

Consolidate tasks by owner, type, deadline or other variables. Analyze efficiency from the comfort of one convenient dashboard. Automatically schedule tasks based on dependency links and set milestones that are critical to project success.

Fully Integrate with MS Project and Primavera P6

Seamlessly combine resource, cost, and project data across project management platforms. View and analyze the health of every project with ease.

Does your project require custom development?

If you don't see a specific product that addresses your needs, don't worry. Ignatius builds custom systems and solutions for a variety of project types and industries.